L’Etoile believes we can impact our community through our youth.

For six years now, Chef Tory has taught kids how to cook with fresh local ingredients at Sherman Middle School. The project has now expanded to include an on-site garden. The impact has been clearly visible with the students becoming more open to eating fruits and vegetables, and taking their recipes with them to cook for their families at home. Read More Info >


Many of our staff are young adults and college students. Every year, we plan about four or five farm field trips where all of our employees are given the opportunity to see where our food comes from. Being exposed to how hard farmers work in caring for their animals and land gives them a deeper appreciation for the food we serve. It also helps them understand the importance of sustainable farming and its role in safeguarding the environment.


Recently, we also started a forager internship position. During the Spring semester, two University of Wisconsin students are chosen to accompany Chef Tory every Saturday morning as he fills his wagons full of fresh ingredients at the Dane County Farmers’ Market. The students get to meet the farmers, learn about farm-to-restaurant relationships, and the variety of options available to small scale-farmers.

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