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A concise narrative of the season's best ingredients.





Seasonal Cheese

Chef’s choice of local cheese, per selection  6



Jamón Ibérico, 10 year aged Cheddar, kimchi, buttermilk biscuit  16

Skuna Bay Salmon Sashimi

beet juice ponzu, pickled beets, matcha, puffed rice  18


duck confit, chicken liver, sage, pecorino, Brussels sprouts  18  


Jerusalem Artichoke Manti

mushroom brodo, roasted garlic, ricotta, pistachios  18  

Octopus “Pastrami”

cabbage, rye, fried pickle, Russian dressing  20





Sea Bass

mole verde, Mayocoba bean, spring onion, tortilla  40

Red Snapper

daal, squid ink, carrots, curry, naan  44    


Maine lobster, gulf shrimp, popcorn grits, andouille, collard greens  47


Willow Creek Pork Chop

polenta, radicchio agrodolce, fennel, capers, Calabrian chili, pine nuts  44


Wisconsin Raised Beef

hen of the woods, spinach, mushroom conserva butter

Peterson Limousin Beef | 12 oz. 45 day dry-aged NY strip  70

Seven Seeds Farm Beef | 12 oz. organic, grass fed ribeye  65        




Yogurt Panna Cotta

pistachio honeycomb, Kataïfi, quince sorbet  11


Caramelized White Chocolate Mousse 

passion fruit tapioca, bananas, crème fraîche sherbet  11  


Baked Ganache Cake 

candied kumquats, hickory nuts, maple ice cream  11    


Coconut Crepaze

Meyer lemon curd, huckleberries, olive oil ice cream  11 





*Note: Menu items and pricing subject to change.   

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*The COVID-19 crisis issued in a new era of hospitality- one that is reliant on take-out services and supplies that we could not have planned for. In an effort to be completely transparent, we have added a 10% charge to our take-out options to account for the packaging, online processing, and credit card fees that aid in our ability to provide take-out meals. Thank you for evolving with us and for continuing to support small, locally-owned businesses!*

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